Math 124 F, Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

Winter 2017

Midterm 2 solutions & grading keys:  version A, version B


Ioana Dumitriu
PDL C-336
Phone: 206-616-8164
dumitriu 'at'


12:30-1:20pm  THO 101

Office hours:

W 1:30- 3:00pm  (MSC)


  • Math 124 Materials Website. This website is a great source of information, and it also has a large number of exams from previous quarters. More on this below.
  • The Math Study Center (a very important resource that you are urged to use).

Math 124 Materials Website

This is a common web page for all sections of Math 124 taught this quarter at the University of Washington. Here is a link to it. Please read all the information on this page very carefully. The following documents at this site are particularly important:
This web site also contains links to your weekly worksheets and exams from previous Math 124 courses. The topics covered in these exams vary somewhat from instructor to instructor. A packet containing all the worksheets and old finals from the above website can be purchased from the Bookstore (see Textbook below).

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Math Study Center

The MSC is one of the best resources at your disposal: a place that's almost always open, where you can speak to and get help from tutors, professional mathematicians, and fellow students. Unless you are 100% comfortable with this class, check the MSC out.  The MSC is located at B-014 CMU (the Communications Building, across the street from Padelford).

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Your grade is determined by how you do relative to the class as a whole. Grades will be distributed proportionally between exams (quizzes, midterms, final), homework, and worksheets, as follows:

          Total:                   100%

although things vary from year to year, past experience teaches that to get a 3.9 one needs over 90%, to get a 3.0 one needs over 77%, and to get a 2.0 one needs over 60%.

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Most weeks we will have worksheets that will be done during Quiz sections on Tuesdays, except for the weeks of the Midterms and Final. You will do these problems in small groups and your TA will help you work through them. Worksheets give you enough supervised practice to go off and do the homework. They may also be used to introduce new ideas and methods that have not been covered in lecture. Treat the worksheets seriously, as they help you learn how to think and write mathematics with your TA present to help you if you make a mistake.

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For homework submission, access, and scoring, we use WebAssign. Here is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to register for WebAssign and begin accessing your homework (courtesy of Dr. Jennifer Taggart).
    1. Open a web browser.
    2. Go to
    3. Click on the "LOG IN" button. You will be asked to log in to your MyUW account. You should then be taken to a page with access to your Math 124 F assignments.
    4. Under "My classes" drop down menu, select our class. You should then be able to see your current and past assignments, homework scores, etc.
    5. To find your way around the WebAssign website, you can use the "Guide" and "Help" links in the upper right corner.
    6. Your first homework assignment, hw01S10.1, visible on January 1, 2017, is due at 11:00pm on Friday, January 6.
    7. When you open a homework assignment, you will see various boxes which need to be filled with answers. Sometimes the answers are numeric, e.g., 1.25 or 5/4, and sometimes they are symbolic, e.g., 2x + x2 . A palette of mathematical symbols is provided to allow you to enter symbolic notation. 
    8. When you open a homework assignment, you have the option to submit an answer OR save your work for later. You can also print out the entire homework, work on it away from the computer, then return and enter answers later.
    9. On each question (unless yes/no), you are allowed 5 tries to enter the correct answer. After that, the correct answer pops up and you are given 0 on that particular submission.
    10. You will find that many of the problems have "randomized" numbers in them. For example, on a particular problem your homework may involve working with the equation 2x2 + 3y2 = 7 . However, when you look at your friend's homework, the same problem might instead involve the equation 3x2 + 5y2 = 7 . These slightly randomized changes insure that no single answer key can be posted online for everyone to use.
Assignments are due throughout the week; you will not be able to work on them past their due time.

Each assignment is worth a number of points; the total number of points accumulated throughout the quarter will help calculate your homework percentage. The lowest 2 assignment scores will be dropped, and the percentages will be calculated based solely on the rest.

Since most of the grade will be based on exams, it is essential to understand fully how to solve the homework problems and to acquire enough practice to be able to solve problems relatively quickly. The homework is meant to stretch your thinking beyond the lectures, and to help you master the subject, and thus it may (and will) be harder than the examples covered in lecture. Questions on exams draw from all the activities of the course such as the lectures, worksheets and homework. Do not assume that only homework problems will be asked on tests.

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Midterms and Final

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Teaching Assistants and Quiz Sections

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet with a Teaching Assistant in a smaller group. This gives you a chance to get more of your questions answered.

The Tuesday sections are 80 minutes long so that, in addition to getting help with your homework, there will be time for working on the Worksheets. The midterm exams will be administered during the Tuesday sections, on January 31 and February 21.

During weeks 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 there will be a 15-minute quiz on Thursdays.

The TAs are:

Sections Times and Locations Name Office Email
T    10:30-11:50,  FSH 109
Robert Jeffs
PDL C-20
rajeffs 'at'

Th  10:30-11:20,  FSH 109

T   12:00-1:20,     SWS 032
Robert Jeffs
PDL C-20 rajeffs 'at'

Th 11:30-12:20,   FSH 109

T   10:30-11:50,   MUE 154 Varodom Theplertboon
vthep 'at'

Th 10:30-10:20,   THO 235

T   12:00-1:20,     FSH 109
Varodom Theplertboon
PDL C-8E vthep 'at'

Th 11:30-12:20,   ART 003

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book and WebAssign Code

You are required to buy
Because of the above, the textbook for the course is recommended, not required:

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Calculator Policy

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Tips for getting a better grade

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Guidelines for writing up solutions to problems (during exams)

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