Ode to the Holy Coffee

O luscious brew, wherefrom come thee
So dark and rich and velvety?
And what immortal God has wrought
Thy beans, in gardens heavenly?

O holy drink, what mortal hand
Has stolen thee from Everland
And brought thee down for all to taste
And so enrich their mornings bland?

Thy sleep-defeating quality
And life-renewing energy
Are reasons excellent to worship
And cultivate thee lovingly;

And deep as wondrous night--thy brew,
Thy scent--as fresh as morning dew,
And then thy taste--such great delight
Before thee, mortals never knew!

O divine drink! Help me live long
And keep my wits forever strong
So every morning I may pledge
My love to thee in joyful song!

                            Copyright @ 2007 Ioana Dumitriu