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UW Combinatorics Seminar -- Winter 2015 Schedule
Padelford C-401 - Wednesdays 4:00pm

Pre-Seminar at 3:00pm also at C-401

January 14 Brendan Pawlowski, University of Minnesota (webpage: )
Title: Cohomology classes of rank varieties and a counterexample to a conjecture of Liu.
January 21 Monty McGovern, University of Washington
Title: Standard domino tableaux and Kazhdan-Lusztig cells: a mathematical mystery.
January 28 Sasho Nikolov, Microsoft Research (webpage: )
Title: Factorization Norms and Tusnady's Problem.
February 18 Ioana Dumitriu, University of Washington (webpage: )
Title: Recovery in a Regular Stochastic Block Model.
February 25 Ivan Izmestiev, Freie Universität Berlin (webpage: )
Title: Geometric Pachner moves, rigidity of non-convex polyhedra, and polytopality of simplicial spheres.
March 4 Sara Billey, University of Washington (webpage: )
Title: A bijective proof of Macdonald's reduced word formula.
March 6 Colloquium: Lauren Williams, University of California, Berkeley
Title: The Positive Grassmanian.
Note: This is part of the UW-PIMS colloquia series. It is in MEB 246 at 2:30pm.
March 11 Josh Swanson, University of Washington (webpage: )
Title: Schubert multiplication rules and Bruhat chains".

Sara Billey, Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Department, University of Washington,

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