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UW Combinatorics Seminar -- Winter 2017 Schedule
Padelford C-401 - Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:10pm

Pre-Seminar at PDL C-401, 3:30pm-3:55pm

January 11 Greg Warrington, University of Vermont (webpage:
Title: Orthogonal bases for transportation polytopes
January 18 Florian Frick, Cornell University (webpage:
Title: Chromatic numbers of stable Kneser hypergraphs
January 25 Jake Levinson, University of Michigan (webpage:
Title: K-Theory and Monodromy of Schubert Curves
February 1 Federico Castillo, UC Davis (webpage:
Title: Deformation cones for polytopes
February 8 Josh Swanson, University of Washington (webpage:
Title: On the Existence of Tableaux with Given Modular Major Index
February 15 Open, None (webpage: None)
Title: TBA
February 22 Jim Propp, University of Massachusetts Lowell (webpage:
Title: Confluence and near-confluence
March 1 Maria Gillespie, UC Davis (webpage:
Title: A crystal structure on shifted tableaux, with applications to type B Schubert curves
March 8 Michelle Delcourt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (webpage:
Title: Intersecting Families of Permutations
March 15 No talk, final's week
March 22 No talk, spring break

Sara Billey, Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Department, University of Washington

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