Washington Experimental Mathematics Laboratory

Team: Sara Billey, Kimberly Bautista, Aaron Bode, Riley Casper, Dien Dang,

Nicholas Farn, Graham Kelley, Stanley Lai, Adharsh Ranganathan,

Michael Trinh, Alex Tsun, Katrina Warner

Welcome to Graphlopedia, a database for graphs ! We are a small team of undergraduate students (with mentors Sara Billey and Riley Casper) at the University of Washington. For the last five months we have been building a database of graphs for the use of mathematicians and other graph lovers. We have a limited number of entries right now, but it will soon grow exponentially as we start implementing graph recognition and user input. Please use "ctrl + F" to search our database. The graphs are ordered by degree sequence. A more involved website is in the works ; for now please enjoy our static PDF version.

Graphlopedia Entries

Updated May 23, 2017

For more information, please contact Prof. Sara Billey