Padelford Speedrunning

This is a speedrun leaderboard for Padelford Lounge activities. To submit a speedrun, please complete the Google Form found here.

Submissions pertaining to physical challenges must be completed in the Padelford C-Wing lounge. Please include your name and a link to a publically hosted video (preferably YouTube) of your run. Videos must be at least 30fps (29.xx is acceptable) and 720p. Feel free to upload the video as unlisted. Submissions will only be accepted from a UW email address.

Timings will be kept to 0.001 of a second of precision, with an error of two frames at the video framerate. You may file timing (or other) disputes with me at .

Here is an example of a disqualified speedrun.

You may also email me with a new game/category for submission, or if you would like to write some basic CSS for this page.