Math 545/6 - Differentiable Manifolds

Winter and Spring Quarters, 2014; University of Washington, Seattle
MWF 1:30, C-36 PDL

Lecturer: Prof. Judith M. Arms,
Office: PDL C-338, (206)543-9458, messages at (206)543-1150
TA: Yang Yang,
Office: PDL C-111

Office hours:
JMA: Officially, MWF 2:30-3:30 and by appointment in C-338. In practice, almost any time you find me in my office or at tea. (To confirm a time, email me.)
YY: Th 3:30-5:30 in the NE corner of the lounge (C-120 PDL, enter through C-130), and by appointment in C-111.

Text: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds, 2nd ed., by John (Jack) M. Lee. Winter quarter we will study chapters 1 through 10 or 11. In Spring, we will continue with most of the rest of the book (omitting 18 and probably 22).
Note that this is available as an e-book from the Math Library; search via course reserves, or restricted to UW holdings, so you get to the UW's copy (and aren't asked to pay). If you have difficulty using e-books from an off-campus computer, on the library webpage go to "Help & Support: Off-Campus Access and Technical Support" and follow instructions.
I will assume you have entered all important corrections in your copy of the text.
Please report any additional errors you suspect to me or directly to Professor Lee.

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