Homework Policies for Math 480, Spring 2018

Homework problems each will be labelled R = Required, HI = Hand In, or Add = Additional. You are Responsible for knowing the material in the R problems, but do not have to write them up to hand in. Some of them may provide Results you will use in later HI Problems. HI problems should be written up neatly and clearly to hand in. A selection of the HI problems will be graded for correctness. The rest will be graded for 2 points each for "completion." The Add problems are recommended if you are looking for additional practice problems (e.g. when studying for a quiz or test), or sometimes recommended for people with particular interests.

The importance of the homework in this course cannot be over-emphasized. My records of previous classes indicate that students who routinely skip homework problems or assignments almost always fail the exams and thus the course as well.

Be sure to justify your answers with an appropriate mix of calculation and explanation. Your work and reasoning process are more important than the final answer (especially with final answers available for most problems in the back of the book). Give references, for instance "by entry 11 on p. 28" or "by Bessel's Inequality, p. 30" or "by the answer to problem C last week". In general aim to write a solution that someone who has not yet thought about the problem will be able to follow easily.

Revised homework guidelines that apply after the first quiz.

Put the HI problems in the order listed in the homework assignment, or else put clear instructions in the "correct order spot" where the grader should look for a problem that is out of order. (Do not hand in R problems.) LEAVE MARGINS ON ALL FOUR EDGES OF THE PAGE and several blank lines between problems. Please write your name, the homework assignment number, and the due date on the upper right corner of the first page of your homework and staple the pages together. (The "fold and tear" method of attaching pages together is not acceptable.)

There will be homework every week, due on Fridays. On the due date, hand in a hard copy of your homework in class, or else put it in homework box 40* no later than 2 PM that day. TURN IN WHATEVER YOU HAVE DONE ON TIME. Late work may receive reduced or no credit. If you wish to turn in some additional work late, email me and the TA explaining the reason and when you will turn it in. In cases of emergency or illness, you may email a PDF of your homework to the TA; please do not abuse this privilege.

*The homework boxes are in PDL C136, which is next to the Math Department Office on the first floor and also contains a photocopier. (The Department Office is one floor above Math Advising.) There's a list on the end of the boxes, directly in front of the door, listing which box is for which class. The numbers are under the boxes.

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