Grading plan for Math 480, Spring 2018

There will be 200 possible points in the course.

*Total homework scores for the quarter will be rescaled so that the highest score in the class is 40 points. Thus a point on a homework assignment is not equal to a course point.
**In order to give you a midterm with nontrivial problems, we will need over an hour, so will schedule an hour and 50 minutes for the test. There will be a Catalyst survey in early April to determine how to schedule this so most of the class can take the test at the same time, and accomodations wil be made for people who cannot make that time .

At the end of the quarter I will establish a grade scale corresponding to the 200 points detailed above. My preliminary estimate of this scale is 180 points = 90% = 4.0, 150 points = 75% = 3.0, and 120 points = 60% = 2.0. The actual grading scale will be no tougher than this preliminary estimate, so your course grade will be at least as good as the preliminary scale indicates. The grades computed using the actual scale may be adjusted slightly upward for performance trend through the quarter or extra credit (if any is offered).

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