Homepage for Math 480B Spring 2018: Fourier Analysis

Spring 2018 at the University of Washington, Seattle
Class: MWF 9:30 in SIG 227
Instructors: Prof. Judith M. Arms, arms@math.washington.edu, office PDL C338 (206-543-9458).
Teaching Assistant Zihui "ZZ" Zhao zhaozh@math.washington.edu, office PDL C-8D (one floor below the Math Advising office by the loading dock).

Office hours:
JMA: W 10:30-12, Th 1:30-3, and by appointment in PDL C338.
Office hours with priority for my other class (but you can use if they're not there): M 11-12 and MWF 2:30.
ZZ: W 3:30-4:30 and by appointment in PDL C-8D.
For appointments with either of us, email requests are best.

Links to course information:

Interesting stuff about Fourier and Fourier Series:

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