Math 442/443 - Differential Geometry

Winter and Spring Quarters, 2015; University of Washington, Seattle
MWF 12:30; spring quarter classroom is MGH 242.

Prof. Judith M. Arms,
Office: PDL C338 (3rd floor opposite C-Wing stairs), (206)543-9458, messages at (206)543-1150

Office hours: MWF 1:40-2:30 (EXCEPTION: not on 4/6);
Tu 12-1:30 (priority to 443 students);
Th 11-12:30 (priority to 480 students).
For appointments, email requests are best.

Text: Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces, by Thomas Banchoff and Stephen Lovett. (Caution: another book with the same title but a different author has been used for the course in previous years.)
Errata list for the text. Be sure to consult this list and enter corrections in your copy of the text. Warning: One of them is for a problem in the first assignment! Please report other suspected errors.
Use this link to go directly to the page for the applets designed for exploring examples in the book. (Link in the preface will eventually get you there, also.)

Spring Quarter Test dates:
Midterm in about week 6 (1st full week of May); we can discuss and decide during week 2.
Final exam Thursday 6/11, 8:30-10:20. The date and time of the final exam are assigned by the university and cannot be changed.
There may be a take-home component to either or both tests.

Spring Quarter grades: Homework, midterm, and final will be 25%, 30%, and 45% of the course grade. Improvement on the final and other considerations may be considered for making minor upward adjustments for grades in individual cases.

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