Information about Grades for Math 309A Autumn 2016

Course grades will be based on a total of 250 course points:
100 points on the final exam;
60 points on the midterm;
60 points for quizzes; and
30 course points for homework.
(See comment below on course versus homework points below.)

Your scores are posted on the Catalyst GradeBook. Check your scores periodically; if there is an error, bring me the graded paper.

Quizzes. There will be four 20-point quizzes, and your best 3 quiz scores will count towards your course grade. The first quiz will be on Friday, October 7.

Homework. There will be weekly homework assignments. Seven of the assignments will be collected and graded. Important Note: The points marked on your graded homework are homework points. The one half of the total of your best six homework scores (maximum 30 points) will count towards your course grade. In other words, a homework point = 1/2 of a course point.

The conversion scale from points to grades will be set at the end of the quarter. My preliminary estimate is that the scale will be linear with 230 points (92%) the minimum for a 4.0, and 170 (68%) points the minimum for a 2.0. The actual scale will be no tougher that this preliminary estimate; that is, your course grade will be at least at good as the preliminary scale indicates.

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