Math 300A: Test Information

Second Midterm: May 19, in class

Office hours for midterm week. Usual after class at the classroom, Wednesday 2-3 at my office, and Study session Thursday 9:30-11:30 in SAV 167.
A meeting conflicts with the Thursday afternoon office hour, so that will be replaced by
extra hours at my office 11:30-12:30 and 5-6 on Thursday,
and also I'll be at MGH Commons Wednesday 8-9 PM.
And of course you may request appointments at other times by email.

Review the "General information for tests" below, it still applies.

Topics for the midterm include everything we've studied in chapters 3, 4, 5, and §§6.1-6.3 of chapter 6.

More information at the "tests" views of the course workspace.

General information for tests

First Midterm: Friday, April 21, in class

Extra office hour Thursday 4/20 5-6 in my office.
Reminder of usual office hours: after class at the classroom; Tu 10-11:30 and every day by appointment in my office; and there's a study session/office hours Th 9:30-11:30 in SAV 167.

A list of axioms, including properties of real numbers, will be provided on the test, as well as any previously proved results that you are allowed to use. Also the axioms will be numbered, so that you can refer to them by number in your answers (in short answers, proof outline, and in complete proofs), which should save you some time during the test.

Read instructions in the exam problems carefully. You may be asked to give a proof outline, which means you should give a table of steps and reasons, but do not have to write it up into a proof. You may be asked for a proof, in which case you do not have to write up an outline first (except to the extent that you need to do so to organize your thinking). A problem may say, "You may use 'algebra' as a justification in this problem." This means you don't have to justify each step of algebra, and may say either 'algebra' or the main step, e.g., 'distributing' or 'multiplying both sides by xy,' as a reason for an algebraic manipulation. If the problem does not say "You may use 'algebra' ...," you do have to name each axiom used, as in the examples sent in a recent email about homework 3.

Topics for the midterm include everything we've done to date, in particular all homework including all Practice Problems through week 4. In the text, this means up to and including §3.4. Note that §3.6 is a review and summary of methods of proof, so reading it may be useful for studying for the midterm. There may be one or more problems that are identical or almost identical to homework problems (including all practice problems).

Some more information about particular problem types that may appear on the midterm will be posted soon at the Course workspace.

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