Math 125 Dr. Loveless archive

Exam 1 Material:

Calculus I Review (pdf) (source (tex))

Challenge Problem about Sums of Consecutive Powers (pdf) (source (tex))

An Overhead of the Basic Antiderivatives (pdf)

An Overhead of The Steps in Riemann Approximation (pdf)

Sigma Notation Practice (pdf) (source (tex))

Riemann Sums (Area Approx) Illustration (pdf)

Areas Between Curves Practice (pdf) (source (doc))

Areas Between Curves Practice Solutions (pdf)

Simplification/u-Substituion Integral Practice (pdf)

Simplification/u-Substituion Integral Practice Solutions (pdf)

An old quiz on u-Substitution (pdf)

Solutions for u-Substitution Quiz (pdf)

Chapter 5 Review (pdf) (source (tex))

Chapter 6 Review (pdf)

Overhead of Solids of Revolution (doc)

Exam 1 Review (pdf) (source (tex))

Exam 2 Material:

6.4 and 6.5 Review (pdf) (6.4 and 6.5 Review (tex))

Here is a list of the integrals we know (pdf)

HW hints for 6.4 and 7.1 and Integration by Parts Practice (pdf)

The solutions to the five challenging integration by parts integrals

Here is a list of the integrals we know (pdf)

Trig Identities

Trig Integrals Summary of Cases

7.1 - 7.5 (integration techniques) Review (pdf) (source (tex))

Integration Method Flowchart (dox)

Using Integration Techniques (pdf)

12 Extra Integrals to Practice with solutions(pdf)

Overheads of Random Integrals (pdf) (source (tex))

Random Old Exam Integrals (pdf) (source (tex))

Review of 7.7 and 7.8 (pdf)

Exam 2 Review (pdf)

Final Material:

A discussion of basic differential equation applications

After Exam 2 Review (pdf) (source (tex))

Final Exam Questions Chosen at Random (pdf) source (tex)

Final Exam Review/Checklist (pdf)