Math 308 A - Summer 2017

Instructor : Connor Ahlbach

Office Hours: Monday 3:30-5, Friday 3:30-5 in Guggenheim 204 (after class)

Lectures: MWF 2:30 - 3:20 in Guggenheim 204

Link to Syllabus, which includes Schedule.

Link to Webassign, for Homework. You should be able to buy access and login from here.


Problem Rating Meanings:

Proof Homeworks: The versions below are tentative and may be edited until a week ahead of their due date - See schedule in Syllabus. Please ask if you need an extension.

Additional Homeworks: These will not be graded, but I recommend you do them, since the material on them is fair game for exams.

Bonus Problems: I considered these problems too difficult for exams or Proof Homeworks, but you can try them if you want. Each correct solution is worth +4% to your final grade. When you think you have a correct solution, either write it up and turn it into me, or you may present it orally as well. I will not help you aside from pointing out why your attempt is wrong if it is incorrect. Do not use any outside material unless the problem explicitly states otherwise. Good Luck!

Important Dates

Practice Exams and Exams