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Welcome to the ACMS homepage!

The Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences (ACMS) program is a  multidisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences, offered jointly by the Departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics. It is designed for students interested in the application of mathematical and computational concepts and tools to problems in research or in the business world.

Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Seminar
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MATH 498-B, offered Winter Quarters
Thursday, 12:30 - 1:50
LOW 216
1 Credit

Why should you consider enrolling in this seminar?

  • Have you ever wondered what opportunities in academia and industry are available to those with a mathematical sciences degrees?
  • Are you interested in learning more about a variety of research areas from speakers who will gear their talks to an undergraduate audience?
  • Do you need one more unit to meet the minimum course load requirement?

 What happens in this seminar?

Speakers will represent a variety of fields where mathematical sciences are used in research. Past topics come from diverse fields including: computer graphics, bioengineering, numerical modeling of tsunamis, probabilistic weather forecasting, and more! Speakers will describe the work they do, why it's interesting and how they use mathematical sciences in what they do each day.


Congratulations to ACMS - Mathematical Economics student, Andy Tan, for being part of the team, AgriC, who won the Grand Prize at this year's Alaska Airlines Enivronmental Innovation Challenge!

Daniel Park, Moni Pal, Andy Tan, Xinyao Ding; UW Foster School of Business, UW Economics, UW Biology and ACMS, UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

Produce chitin-based biodegradable plastics for agriculture which has a niche of serving as a fertilizer after decomposing. Chitin is an organic material derived from crustacean shells.