Regularity and Rigidity of Noncommutative Algebras

March 21-23, 2014

All lectures are given in Savery Hall, Room 132

Friday Morning (March 21, 2014)
09:00--9:50: Ken Goodearl (University of California at Santa Barbara, USA)
Title: Automorphisms of quantum nilpotent algebras
10:40--11:30: Chelsea Walton (MIT, USA)
Title: Pointed Hopf actions on commutative domains. View notes.
11:40--12:30: Kenneth Chan (University of Washington, USA)
Title: Noncommutative quadrics and ZxZ-graded algebras
Friday Afternoon (March 21, 2014)
02:30--03:20: Milen Yakimov (Louisiana State University, USA)
Title: Quantum cluster algebra structures on quantized coordinate rings
04:00--04:50: Michaela Vancliff (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)
Title: Defining a Notion of Noncommutative Complete Intersection via Base-Point Modules. View Slides.
05:00--05:50: Jiafeng Lu (Zhejiang Normal University, China)
Title: Universal enveloping algebras of differential graded Poisson algebras
Saturday Morning (March 22, 2014)
09:00--9:50: Susan Montgomery (University of Southern California, USA)
Title: Smash coproducts of groups
09:50--10:10: Conference Photo
10:40--11:30: Jason Bell (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Title: Automorphisms of projective varieties and the wild automorphism problem
11:40--12:30: Tom Lenagan (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Title: Totally nonnegative matrices from a quantum perspective
Saturday Afternoon (March 22, 2014)
02:30--03:20: Lance Small (University of California at San Diego, USA)
Title: Problems in PI-Theory
04:00--04:50: Guangbin Zhuang (University of Southern California, USA)
Title: Universal enveloping algebras of Poisson Hopf algebras
05:00--05:50: Alexander Young (University of Washington, USA)
Title: Growth constraints of certain types of algebras
Sunday Morning (March 23, 2014)
09:00--09:50: Dan Rogalski (University of California at San Diego, USA)
Title: Skew Calabi-Yau algebras of finite GK-dimension
10:40--11:30: Yanhua Wang (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China)
Title: The automorphism groups of some noncommutative algebras. View Slides.
11:40--12:30: Xue-Feng Mao (Shanghai University, China)
Title: Ghost length and cone length of DG modules over local chain DGAs
Sunday Afternoon (March 23, 2014)
02:30--03:20: Izuru Mori and Kenta Ueyama (Shizuoka University, Japan)
Title: Ample group action and isolated singularity
03:30--04:20: Ellen Kirkman (Wake Forest University, USA)
Title: Invariants under Permutation Automorphisms. View Slides.