Math 125C/D  - Fall 2018



C: 10:30- 11:20  THO 101
D: 11:30- 12:20  THO 101


Steffen Rohde

Padelford Hall C-337
Phone: 206-543-6171
email : rohde at math dot washington dot edu

Office hours: Monday 9:30-10:20 and Wednesday 12:30-1:30 in the Math Study Center, and by appointment


  • The Course and Syllabus
  • Grades
  • Homework
  • Worksheets
  • Exams
  • Quiz Section

  • Math 125 Materials Website. This website has a large number of quizzes and exams from previous quarters. Most of this material is also available at the University Bookstore.

·        The Math Study Center is a great place to work on math, WHETHER OR NOT YOU NEED HELP


The Course

This course is an introduction to integral calculus. We will review antiderivatives and then study the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Then we will use this theorem to compute areas and volumes, as well as a number of other applications. A variety of techniques to compute difficult antiderivatives will be discussed. We will conclude with an introduction to differential equations. We will essentially follow the schedule of the Math 125 Materials Website, but will on occasion be a bit slower or faster. If you want a good grade in this class, you should expect to spend a lot of time (probably more than 10 hours a week) on homework.

See the Math 125 Materials Website for information about the text book.


Your grade will be determined based on your total score for the course, which is computed as follows:


is assigned on a weekly basis and is available on Web Assign,  see the Math 125 Materials Website . It should be finished by the following Tuesday, before the quiz section. However, the final Web assign due date is Wednesday 11pm. No late homework will be accepted.

Quiz section

On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet with your Teaching Assistant in a smaller group. This gives you a chance to get more of your questions answered. Thursday's quiz section will be 80 minutes long so that, in addition to getting help with your homework, there will be time for a worksheet that you can work on while the TA circulates and answers questions. On Tuesdays, you will get help with your homework and occasionally will take a quiz. The quiz will not be graded (solutions will be discussed in your section) and the quiz will not count towards your grade. The quiz is meant to help you checking your understanding, and to get used to the questions you might find on exams. The midterm exams will be held in Quiz Section.


On Thursdays, you will work in small groups on worksheets in your quiz section. The worksheets are an integral part of the course. Some of them lay the groundwork for the lectures, some of them explore topics in greater detail than in lecture, and some of them give you practice on basic techniques. You will get full credit for each worksheet, regardless of whether you get the right answers, if you show up and make a good effort. Print a blank copy of the worksheet and bring it to the Thursday quiz section.


There will be 2 midterm exams. They will be given on Thursday, October 18 and Thursday, November 15. They are meant to take 60 minutes but you can take the full 80 minutes of the Quiz Section. You must bring a Photo ID, and you are allowed to use one handwritten 8.5 by 11 sheet of notes (two sided). ONLY TI-30x IIS CALCULATORS ARE  ALLOWED on exams.

There are no make-up exams. If you have a compelling and well-documented reason for missing a test, contact me well in advance.

The final exam will take place from 1:30pm to 4:20pm on Saturday, December 8, in GUG 220