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`Highlight completion' is a variant on completion in Emacs. Normally if you're typing a file name into the minibuffer in Emacs, when you hit the TAB key, Emacs completes what you already have as far as possible. This package augments this by displaying the text that Emacs would add if you hit the TAB key, highlighted. (The idea is that, if you're not looking at the screen, you won't know that anything different is happening, but if you are looking, you get extra information.) Here is a picture of this: there is one file in /user1/palmieri/ that starts with an `e', namely the directory `emacs', so when I find a file and type `e', the text `macs/' is inserted, highlighted, after the point.

highlight completion 1 in XEmacs

If I then hit the TAB key, the point would jump to the end of the highlighted part, and it would no longer be highlighted:

highlight completion 2 in XEmacs

If instead I had hit `x', then the highlighted part would be removed (because it doesn't agree with what was typed) and `x' would be inserted:

highlight completion 3 in XEmacs

Here is a longer description (without pictures -- sorry), which reproduces the information in the file itself.

Download the package here: highlight-completion.el.

The most recent version of the package is 0.08, posted on 30 September 2005.

This is a new package; please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

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