Women in Numbers 4

August 14 – 18, 2017

Banff International Research Station

Jennifer Balakrishnan      Chantal David      Michelle Manes      Bianca Viray

Photo from WIN3, April 2014

    The focus of the workshop is on supporting new research collaborations within small groups. Before the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests. Prior to the conference, the two project leaders will design projects and provide background reading and references for their groups. At the conference, there will be some talks, but there will also be ample time dedicated to working groups. Project leaders will direct their group's research effort and provide mentorship. At the end of the week, members of each research group will describe their group's progress on the research problems as well as future directions for the work.

This conference supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics
and is partially supported by NSF-HRD 1500481 - AWM ADVANCE  grant.

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Project Groups

  • Analytic number theory, led by Chantal David & Lillian Pierce
  • Apollonian circle packings, led by Elena Fuchs & Kate Stange
  • Arithmetic dynamics of rational maps, led by Holly Krieger & Michelle Manes
  • Chabauty-Coleman experiments for genus 3 curves, led by Jennifer Balakrishnan & Mirela √áiperiani
  • Computational aspects of supersingular elliptic curves, led by Kirsten Eisentraeger & Jennifer Park
  • Mock modular forms and related topics, led by Amanda Folsom & Holly Swisher
  • Newton polygons on the Torelli locus, led by Elena Mantovan & Rachel Pries
  • Supersingular isogeny graphs in cryptography, led by Brooke Feigon & Kristin Lauter
  • Torsion subgroups on elliptic curves, led by Abbey Bourdon & Bianca Viray

Applying to WIN4

Please fill out the form below to be emailed a link to the project descriptions and application. The application deadline is January 15, 2017.
We welcome applications from women at any career stage, including graduate students!