Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

Lecture 1 Introduction   
Lecture 2 Harmonic functions   
Lecture 3 Schauder Calderon-Zygmund   
Lecture 4 De Giorgi-Nash   
Lecture 5 Moser   
Lecture 6 Quick applications of Harnack   
Lecture 7 Minimal surface equation   
Lecture 8 Alexandrov   
Lecture 9 Krylov-Safonov   
Lecture 10 Evans-Krylov-(Safonov)   
Lecture 11 Special Lagrangian equations (including Monge-Ampere equations)   

Old Notes:
Part1: Intro and Harmonic function  
Part2: Divergence equations  
Part3: Nondivergence equations