Math 407: Linear Optimization Final Exam Details (Fall 2022)
The final exam will be 110 minutes long, held:
Section A/C Dec. 12, 2:30-4:20pm, in CDH 139
Section B/D Dec. 14, 2:30-4:20pm in MUE 153

I will post a seating chart on the course website the morning of the exam.

You should bring your student ID to the exam.

The final will be closed notes and closed book. You may not use a calculator. The only thing you need to bring is a writing utensil and your student ID.

The exam will be cumulative, covering all the material in the course roughly in proportion with how much time we spent on it in lecture. There were a few lectures designed to expose you to further directions (namely lectures from Oct. 28, Nov. 4, and Nov. 9). You will not be tested on the technical content of these lectures.

If you are feeling ill the day of the exam, please do not come in person. Email me as soon as possible.

First page of the exam

Median: 79/100
Average: 75/100
St.Dev: 18/100