Connor Sawaske

Graduate student

Department of Mathematics
University of Washington

Box 354350
Seattle, WA 98195

Office: C-115 Padelford Hall


Interests: My primary interests are geometric combinatorics and commutative algebra. Specifically, I enjoy connections between the topological and combinatorial properties of simplicial complexes and some of their associated algebraic structures and invariants.


  1. A generalized lower bound theorem for balanced manifolds (with Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke, Satoshi Murai, and Isabella Novik), Mathematische Zeitschrift, to appear [PDF]
  2. Almost Buchsbaumness of some rings arising from complexes with isolated singularities, Journal of Commutative Algebra, to appear [PDF]
  3. Stanley-Reisner rings of Buchsbaum complexes with a free action by an abelian group, submitted [PDF]
  4. Ext and local cohomology modules of face rings of simplicial posets, submitted [PDF]
  1. Lower bound theorems for balanced manifolds, 2017 CMS Winter Meeting  [slides]
  2. Lower bound theorems for balanced manifolds, 2018 AMS Spring Sectional Meeting



Math 125 Online, Autumn 2017-Winter 2018
Math 125 Online, Autumn 2016-Spring 2017

Math 126, Summer 2016
Math 125 Online, Autumn 2015-Spring 2016
Math 126, Summer 2015
Math 125 Online, Autumn 2014-Spring 2015
Math 125, Summer 2014
Math 126, Spring 2014
Math 124, Winter 2014
Math 125, Autumn 2013

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