• Fall 2018: TA for Math 308 OA, OB, OC
  • Summer 2018: Math 308E and Math 530B
  • Spring 2018: TA for Complex Analysis, M536
  • Winter 2018: TA for Complex Analysis, M535
  • Fall 2017: TA for Complex Analysis, M534
  • Summer 2017: Math 308E
  • Spring 2017: Not teaching
  • Winter 2017: Math 324D
  • Fall 2016: Math 324C
  • Summer 2016: Math 324A


My research is in complex analysis, working under Steffen Rohde. I study conformal mappings, the zipper algorithm and Loewner energy. I am also interested in Belyi functions, Shabat polynomials and their connections to complex analysis and number theory. Side interests include the Gaussian Free Field, Schramm-Loewer Evolution and probability theory. I previously worked in convex geometry in the flavor of Richard Gardner, my advisor at WWU.


"M-addition.''Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications 443, Issue 1 (2016): 146-177.


I am a full-blooded Washingtonian and have a BS and MS in math from Western Washington University. I've been studying at UW since 2013, aside from a year off in 2015-2016 to teach in Bangladesh.

I love teaching and I really enjoy math; I can say with J.J. Sylvester, "I really love my subject." I appreciate the deep aesthetic nature of mathematics; I do not believe that we should sharply distinguish between math and art. Betrand Russell once said that mathematics has "a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture," but I see it as something richer, more like a symphony or a great violin concerto.

In my free time I enjoy reading, running, studying languages, photography, cooking and spending time with friends. Also, an important aspect of who I am is that I am a Christian. I am so thankful that Jesus is slowly changing me. I worship at Green Lake Presbyterian Church.

Some math quotes

"I am not really doing research, just trying to cultivate myself."
- Alexander Grothendieck

"Banach once told me, 'Good mathematicians see analogies between theorems or theories, the very best ones see analogies between analogies.'"
- S.M. Ulam

"The purpose of proof is to understand, not to verify."
- Arnold Ross

"If you are not prepared to spend a long time (years) on the same question you will never achieve anything deep. But at some point you must throw in the towel."
- Lennart Carleson

"All these difficulties are but consequences of our refusal to see that mathematics cannot be defined without acknowledging its most obvious feature: namely, that it is interesting."
- Michael Polanyi