Math 124-Winter 2019

What if the Calculus class I wish to add is closed?

  1. You should use the "Subscribe to seat availability notifications" option in the time schedule that will notify you when a seat opens up. You should act quickly as openings are filled on a first-come/first-served basis. During the first week, the enrollment status of a class can change hourly. There are no overloads or waiting lists. In most quarters almost all persistent students who want to take the course will find an opening sooner or later (but after the first week there may be a late fee).
  2. Whether or not you are officially enrolled, you should choose a class and start attending both lectures and quiz sections from the very first day. You should do any worksheets or quizzes. You will NOT be able to access homework until you are officially enrolled in the class. Here is a Pdf File with the first six homework assignments.
  3. Important material is covered in the first week, and it is necessary to be in class and do the work during this period. All students are graded in the same way, and no student is excused from the first week's work.
  4. Students who cannot enroll in an on-campus section of Math 124, may be able to register for Math 124G, an online section of Math 124, which features online videos from an on-campus section of the course. This section has exactly the same syllabus, textbook, and homework assignments as all other sections. Math 124G is taught by the same UW faculty and grad students that teach the other sections. The instructors hold both in person and online office hours. Math 124G students have the same access to the Math Study Center as other students. Registered students must take two in-person midterms, and the same common final as the on-campus sections of Math 124.
  5. You may also contact the Mathematics Student Services Office for advice. Their contact information is here.