Evidence that Callisto might have an ocean.

Jupiter's moon Callisto might hide salty ocean(October, 1998)
Callisto cutaway with ocean (October, 1998)
Callisto makes a big splash  (October, 1998)
Oceans may exist on two moons of Jupiter(October, 1998)
A sea on Jupiter's Callisto?(October, 1998)
Move Over Europa: An Ocean on Jupiter's Callisto? (July, 2001)


Jupiter's moon Ganymede has crater chain, hints of past ocean (July, 1998 )
The new faces of Ganymede (July, 1998)
Photos suggest life could have existed on Ganymede (July, 1998)
Ocean believed hidden on solar system's largest moon (December, 2000)
Ocean Lurks Deep in Ganymede, Galileo Finds (December, 2001)

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