If you are enrolled in Math 441, go to Canvas ...

... both to find assignments and to turn them in. This page duplicates the information on Canvas for those are still trying to add the course.

Second Reading Response (RR) due Su. 9/30, 12:30 PM.

Finish going over §1 (in the way suggested previously) if you didn't already.

One more comment on §1: Several people asked about the description on p. 13 of an ordered pair as a collection of sets. It's OK to ignore this if it's not helpful, as Munkres himself indicates by saying "most mathematicians think of an ordered pair as a primitive concept."

Read the handout on Metric Spaces.

RR Questions: A. Have you worked with the concept of a metric (with its 3 defining properties) in any previous class? If so, which one? Have you encountered any other metric besides the Euclidean metric? Optional: any comments you'd like to make about the course so far.

Don't forget parts B & C -- see Reading Response Guidelines, which also says how to submit your RR if you can't use Canvas.

Second Warmup Problem (WP) set, due before class on Mon. 10/1.

Warmup Problems for Monday will be taken from the exercises in the reading. It's best if you think through all of these exercises, but I will select a proper subset for you to write up for the WP set and will post it here as soon as I can.

If (and only if) you are not officially enrolled, submit this WP set by attaching it to an email to the TA, Josh Southerland, jsouther@uw.edu. If it is impossible for you to scan this WP set into a file you can send to Josh, bring TWO hard copies instead ofone to class on Monday, and put one in the envelope markd "WP" before class begins.

The next reading assignment will be the first couple of sections of Chapter 2. Details will be posted here when available, hopefully Saturday morning.

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