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... both to find assignments and to turn them in. This page duplicates the information on Canvas for those are still trying to add the course.

First Reading Response (RR) due Th. 9/27, 12:30 PM.

Chapter 1, § §1-7 should be review material. The first few reading assignments will guide you to reading the sections most essential to our work, and suggest a scan of the other sections. If the scan reveals some material that you have forgotten, or if you are just interested to do so, please read more thoroughly.

We start with §2, Functions, but will replace pp. 15-16 with this handout. Read the handout and then p. 17 through the rest of §2.

Turn next to §1. This section reviews basic ideas from Math 300, but has one notation convention that may be different from your previous classes. Read about inclusion and proper inclusion at the bottom of p. 4. We will follow the text's convention for notation for these concepts.

For the rest of §1, you should be able to scan through, looking at words or sentences in italics (e.g., disjoint on p. 6 and DeMorgan's laws on p. 11) and at the subsection titles (e.g., p. 5, The Union of Sets and the Meaning of "or"). If each of these seems familiar and you think you could explain it to a classmate, you're probably fine. If something seems unfamiliar, read in more detail.

You may not be able to finish §1 for your first RR; if not, include the rest in your second one.

RR Questions: A. How far did you get in reviewing §1? Did the reading feel like it was all review of things you know pretty well? If not, what were the things that seemed least familiar? Optional: Tell me what you think about the course and how it is going for you so far.

Don't forget parts B & C -- see Reading Response Guidelines, which also says how to submit your RR if you can't use Canvas.

First Warmup Problem (WP) set, due before class on Fri. 9/28.

§2, pp. 20-21:  Exer. 1, 4(a), 5.

If the discussion of 2(a-g) was not completed in the first class, do the rest of it in this Warmup Problem set, including additions. 

If (and only if) you are not officially enrolled, submit this WP set by attaching it to an email to the TA, Josh Southerland, jsouther@uw.edu. If it is impossible for you to scan this WP set into a file you can send to Josh, bring TWO hard copies instead ofone to class on Friday, and put one in the envelope markd "WP" before class begins.

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