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Summary Material:

GATROC Review Materials:
GATROC 1-2 Review
GATROC 3-4 Review
GATROC 5 Review
GATROC 5 Translation Table Answers
GATROC 6-7 Review
Summary of Business Terms
Review of all Supplemental Graph Facts
One-page Review of Terms/Graphs
GATROC 8-9: Visual Summary
Mini-Quiz on TR/TC/VC and MR/MC graphs
Mini-Quiz on TC/VC and AC/AVC graphs

Chapter 1 and 2 Review Materials
Section 1.1-1.3 Review
Section 1.6 Review
Section 2.1 Review
Section 2.2 Review
Section 2.3 Review

Chapter 5 Review Materials
Section 5.1-5.3 Review

Chapter 6 Review Materials
Section 6.1-6.2 Review
Chapter 6 Reference Sheet
Full Ch 6 Summary
Ch 6 Flow Chart and Additional Practice
Here are two supplemental sheets for fun and deeper understanding:
Real Life Annuities Examples
Deriving Annuities Formulas (optional)

Final Review Materials
Final Exam Review - (Please ignore any mention of "linear programming", we don't do that anymore)

Homework Hints:

GATROC 1-3 HW Hints
Flowchart on How to Answer Graphical Questions
Four Overall Amount Graph Examples (with solutions)
Four Incremental Graph Examples (with solutions)
Categorization of All GATROC 1-9 HW
Categorization of All Ch. 2 HW
Common Calculation Errors in Chapter 2
Section 6.1 HW Hints

Skills Reviews:

Review of basic exponent rules
More exponent rule examples
Review of Functional Notation
Review of Solving Skills

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